MLM Multilevel Marketing

Mlm multilevel marketing

Welcome to MLM system of MSOW. We are here to talk business. Business that will provide you well respected profits, every day week and month. Is it easy though? Every begging is difficult . But if you put the fundamentals right you can built a network that gives you great profits.

What is MLM?
MLM stand for multi-level marketing, and casual called Network marketing.

By it’s name you understand that some people circulate a product to the consumers and they get payed from the sales.

Let’s make an example for better understanding.
In a traditionally designed business you have a building, same happens with the online business.

A business ,usually, has president, vice presidents, managers and staff for running the business, here as well.

Where is a difference.

For an example if a business wants to make a 5.000 euro advertising campaign to promote a product, it gives this money to TV commercials, radio etc to make the campaign.

In the network marketing we give the 5.000 euro to people who advertise the product by themselves.

Basically the network marketing is an alternative way of advertising through regular people.

This method of advertising helps businesses to reduce their expenses of advertising.

MLM helps any business partner to make more profits.

Why is that?

This happens because with MLM you make direct profits from your work but also you take a commission from your networks profits. You get paid for creating the network.
That means both things:

1. the profits can increase in exponential way.

2. it makes the income of profits bigger, because you don’t relay only on your network but also at the network your partners create.

How do you make profits?

You will create you own “business” to sell our products and search for salesmen who will sell our products until you reach the point where you just collect the profits from the commissions.

With the MLM network of MSOW you have already create this business. Ask your friends to join. Every time they sell a product through the link you both win money.

Lets see an example.


Mlm article


You are the person A.

You made two subscriptions.
The B and C.
After that they make their subscriptions (D,E,F,G) and so on.

The B makes a sale. He/She earn the commission of the sale and you gain a profit from his/her sale as well.

When D make a sale he/she gain the commission and both B and A(you) gain profits.

Whoever makes a sale at your MLM network you take the equivalent commission.

With a bigger network comes more commissions, there for more profits. The more the merrier!

How to create your MLM network?

For starts, to make your friends subscribe you only need to share the subscription link that you will find it at Marketing-> Affiliate Links

There you ‘ll find the following picture:

Mlm multilevel marketing msow


When someone subscribes becomes directly a member of your network. You take the equivalent percentage from their sales but also you gain profits from their subscribers.

Wish you every success.

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