Which subscription to choose?

Which subscription to choose?

Which subscription to choose?

Since we start building MSOW, we had as a state of mind one basic principle. To be affordable for every one.
To fulfill this principle, we have make a variety of different subscription packages according to your needs.

Which subscription package to choose?

You have to think about that on your own.
We all are different . Some of us are shy and hesitant, others are bold and outgoing and many more types.
We will explain to you the potentials of each subscription package and also we are going to tell you our opinion on each and every one of them.

The cost of subscription is 15€ per month. You have the capacity of displaying 100 products at your store. Also your percentage of commission reaches the 15%.

For example in a 10 € sale your commission will be 1,50€.
We’ll supporting you via email every day ( operative hours 10:00-22:00). Also you’ll join a team of Dropshippers and you will all communicate via Skype.
Once a month we ‘re going to include one of your products in our promotional emails that Msow’s costumers receive.

The subscription costs 30€ per month, you will have the capacity of displaying 300 products at your store with 20% profit.

For example in a 10€ sale you will receive a 2€ commission.
We’ll supporting you 24/7 via email, and direct communication through Skype.
Once a month 2 of your products will be included in our promotional email that our customers receive.
Every month you will get 4 Social Media posts for free ,made by our graphics designers.
We will also include your store to our Google Ads campaigns.
Every month you will have 10 free product edits by our team.

The subscription costs 60€ per month, you will have the capacity of displaying 300 products at your store with 20% profit.

It has all ULTIMATE benefits. Your store will also has it’s own Google Ad campaign, each month, plus Social Media sponsored ad.

The subscription costs 100€ per month, you will have the capacity of displaying 400 products at your store with 25% profit.

Investor is the subscription for serious business people that they know how E-commerce works and they want to aim in big sales and Brand Awareness.

The only thing you have to do is to select your products from our warehouses.The rest is up to us!

Your shop will be managed by one of our Shop Managers.

They will set up everything needed to ensure success.

He will manage all the day to day operations that a store needs.

Our experts will create your own exclusive advertising campaigns which will be shown 24/7 on Social Media and Google.

Our opinion.
The expert membership is more like a trial. It’s an easy way to see if you make it. Though most of the users give up because they didn’t make the effort to take it seriously.
Those who make the effort ,often they update their subscription.

The Ultimate membership is for them who wants to spent some extra time and make the effort. You will be manager of your store with the right combination of time and work you will insure a fair amount of profits.

The vision membership is a step before investor. The members of the vision subscription sooner or later end up at the Investor team.

The Investor membership lives by it name.
It’s perfect for the person who wants to be active at e-commerce. It’s for those who wants to earn a serious amount of money( in many cases more than your basic wage). We have Investor members that make their livings exclusively from MSOW. Also, by getting the Investor subscription you will have all the help and support you need from our MSOW staff.

When do I see results?
It’s totally up to you. If you invest some of your time and try enough for your business you will have a result.
If you follow the step from the assistant of salesmen, you will have satisfying results by the end of the fist month.
An e-shop takes some time to achieve its goal as a regular shop does as well.
Don’t let online advertisements misguide you to buy a software program which supposedly makes your profits to take off.
Wealthy companies such as Google and Facebook know better. They have unnumbered developers working for them. We don’t think that they are ignorant to pay them for a job that could be done with a cheap software program.

So be careful!
By following the business strategy of MSOW – within six months – you will have a profitable e-shop with all the right fundamentals for development .
It’s up to you if you make profits and sustain your business.

Does the type of subscription counts?
Of course it does.
We have already explain that the vision and investor subscription have the capacity of more different products which contributes to increase the sales. Also the percentage of commission is the best.

Why we have different costs at the subscription packages?
We have already said that with different memberships comes different privileges ( number of products, percentage of profits, support etc). The cost of the subscription also includes the support of our team.

Which kind of member you want to be?

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