How to place an order

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Welcome to MSOW.

Here you will learn how you can do – step by step – order what you want at the price you want.

For the following guide we will use a random product.

We will use the Women’s casual shoes.

You will do the same in the product of your choice.

Are we starting?

Go to the product page and see the image below

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Before we add it to our cart, we have to choose the color we like and the number that suits us.

So we will follow the following steps

Click on Color: Make a selection

Click on Number: Make a selection

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Next we will choose the color White and number 37

We see the main image of the product that changed color to show us what our choice corresponds to.

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Once we find our color and number, then click Add to cart.

We wait a few seconds and we will see the image below

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Our product has been added to our cart and now we select the View Cart

There we will see the following image

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Here we can either fill in the form entitled Shipping Calculation to see the available shipping methods, or we can skip this box and select Complete the order by going to checkout.

At the checkout we will fill in all the information requested by the form, we will choose a payment method and finally we will click on Send order

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That’s it.

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