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    Face massage roller


    Face massage roller. Beauty tool of creating the graceful face curve. For exquisite face curve, increase elasticity of skin. Remover double chin, help to slimming down your face & neck. The massager enhances your jaw line and improves blood flow after constantly rolling it on your face.

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    Breast massage device


    Breast massage device. Adopts with simulated human massage technique, making an accurate massage to breast acupuncture points for enlarging breast. This electric breast massage can accumulate blood flow, active cell renew, restore skin elasticity, prevent sagging and deformation of the chest. Enlarging breast effectively without needing to do expensive breast surgery. Ideal for postpartum women, or women whose breast sagging and deformation.

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    Face lifting machine


    Face lifting machine. High precision focal ultrasound positioning, precise operation does not hurt the surrounding tissue. Automatic scanning and permeating skin deeply. Active and firming skin, solve flabby skin problems. Tighten muscle and recover the elasticity of skin. Improve skin complexion and accelerate circulation, remove wrinkles.

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    Facial neck massager


    Facial neck massager. Promotes blood circulation, stimulates points on the face and neck, improves circulation and promotes metabolism, promotes the discharge of long-standing waste toxic substances, slows down the aging of epidermal cells, reduces the appearance of neck lines, reduces puffiness, relaxes shoulders and necks, acupoints physical therapy, quickly eliminates fatigue and restores physical fitness.

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    Teeth cleaner


    Teeth cleaner. Highly recommended by dentists and orthodontists! The innovative memory function keeps your preferred mode for the next use. It is especially indicated for people with dental implants, orthodontics, or dental brackets. Enables you to thoroughly clean the  dental plaque, which is impossible for common oral irrigators. Provides a clean and comfortable experience.

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    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Men’s tightening and slimming shirt

    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    With the men’s tightening and slimming shirt you immediately gain confidence, as you look slimmer and fitter.

    Wear it under clothes like an ordinary shirt and combine comfort and warmth with the feeling of the most fit and lean torso.

    Put an end to the belly and the life jacket of the waist and immediately look slimmer and more elegant!

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    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Corsets with foot for tightening and straightening

    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Functional corset with leg for tightening and straightening buttocks with reinforcement that you remove, decorated with lace at the ends.

    It flatters even the fullest silhouettes, shrinks the abdomen and stomach and highlights the thighs.

    An essential accessory in every woman’s wardrobe is worn comfortably through thin and stretch clothes.

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    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Penetration Nail Pliers MR.GREEN

    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Special design for straight cut that prevents the ingrown toenails.

    Ideal pliers for cutting hard & thick nails.

    It is designed with an ergonomic handle to provide safety & precision when cutting.


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    Manicure set 7 pcs MR.GREEN

    The 7-piece stainless steel manicure set in an elegant case includes:

    1 nail clipper
    onychocytosis pliers
    1 nail clipper with an oblique angle
    1 pair of scissors with a rounded nose
    1 nail file
    1 eyebrow tweezers
    1 metal sebum removal tool

    Ideal gift for loved ones but also for yourself.

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    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    Full body corsets for tightening and slimming

    Sold By: EvexiaShop

    The full-length tightening corset is anatomical, elastic, seamless, with a wide strap to hold the chest

    With separate knitting belts in different parts of the body for tightening the abdomen and waist as well as for straightening the buttocks

    Made of breathable microfiber thread, which does not retain moisture and eliminates sweat and thus does not smell.

    You can use the one-piece corset either because you want to look more elegant with your wonderful sets, or because you are trying to permanently lose points around your torso and buttocks.


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