WOFEA Wireless WIFI GSM Alarm System

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This alarm system provides the perfect level of security for your home. It’s easy to use, and you can control it with your smartphone or tablet. The system is also expandable, so you can add more sensors if you need them.

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Alarm APP for andriod and iphone with tuyasmart & smartlife


Touch keyboard ,Visible color display , voice prompt, easy to using


Support English,Russian,Spanish,German,Polish,France,Italian,Chinese Free Switchable.but only has English manual book.



Alarm with SMS notince , alarm phone call to the pro-set alarm number , APP message push to work with both GSM sim card and wifi 2.4G network



Fix time auto arm /disarmed ,when you outdoor ,the alarm system will auto armed in that time , When you back home , The alarm system will auto diarmed before you arrived home.



Work together with wifi camera , to checking the video online



WIFI / GSM / intranet alarm system: APP push,SMS,Voice monitoring,intranet center etc. Support different alarm channels.Enjoy the intelligent life.




New smart host: HD 2.4-inch TFT color display screen,full voice prompts. buttons sensitive operation,more simple.




English/Russian/Spanish/German/Polish/Chinese switchable:Support multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings. GSM network automatic proofreading,to ensure accurate clock,support time zone settings, Convenient for multi-area application.




Remotely monitoring alarm: When accident invasion,the phone remotely grasp the situation,high decibel live alarm through the host timely dial,send SMS notification,APP message push.




Configure RFID cards: Configure 2 RFID cards,Support 100 learning/storage location for remote controller, RFID cards and wireless detector.




Multi-zone location settings:Such as gate,hall,SOS,bedroom,Window,balcony,perimeter,smoke,gas,


Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings.




5 types defense zones setting:Ordinary zone,stay arm,24-hour emergency zone,closed zone,


doorbell zone,Meet a variety of needs.




Timely notification: When External power failure,built-in battery low power,APP push and SMS notification. When External power success,APP push. When Tamper alarm,SMS notification.




5 groups preset alarm phone numbers: SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively.




Timing arm and disarm: Set the arm and disarm in advance,so that life is safe every day.




Delay function: User can set arm delay and alarm delay according to own needs.




Add camera: Work with camera,when Accidental invasion, You can remotely monitor the situation immediately, speak and scare away thieves.


Product real shot




Package included:(Not supply orignal packing)


Note: Door sensor , motion sensor not included the battery




Popular Questions

Q1. Why Should I install a security alarm system?

-The primary reason is that a security alarm system protects your home and family and gives you added peace of mind.

-A security system also adds value to your home at time of resale. More and more people today are concerned about break-ins and are looking for a home with an alarm.

-A security system also entitles you to a 5% to 15% reduction in homeowner’s insurance, depending on your insurance company.

Q2. How hard is it to install a security alarm system?

Actually, there is no installation in wireless appliance device that can be hidden out of sight, and simple plugs into a standard wall outlet. Sensors can be placed where they are needed for best protection. The siren plugs into a wall outlet or control panel. The key is portable.

A wireless home security system uses small radio transmitters instead of wires to send the necessary signals between the system sensors and control panel. This means there is no drilling necessary and you can take the system with you when you move.

Q3. How much will it cost?

These days, a wireless security system for home or businesses are quite affordable, you will be paying only for equipment. the cost will depend on the actual items you select for your system, the peace of mind that this level of home security brings you is priceless.

Q4.Do you offer any guarantee on the alarm system?

Yes, we provide guarantee on Security Alarms, time based on specific items (excludes batteries). As you know that sometimes have to pay extra cost and time which finally cause more cost than you buy a good quality one. We never neglect the quality of the products to ensure continued sales.

Q5. What is the difference between a “HARD WIRED” or “WIRELESS” System?

A hard wired system is installed when a basement’s ceiling is unfinished. Tiny contacts are hidden in the door frame or window well. The actual wires are out of sight. For finished basement ceilings or additions beyond the original foundation wireless transmitters are used to send signals to the control panel. Mainly, we offer wireless alarms. A benefit of wireless is that with no wires between components, the alarms are easy to install, there¡¯s no damage to home decor or carpets to lift.

Q6. What are the main components of a security system?

The main components of a security system consist of control panel, sensor, siren etc.

1) Control Panels are the “brains” of the security system.

2) Smoke/Fire sensor: an always on smoke sensor that detects smoke and send immediate signal to control panel and call you.

3) Gas detector: Gas detector provides early warning of dangerous LPG or nature gas levels.

4) Motion sensor: Detects movement in rooms, Hallways and stairs.

5) Panic button: send an instant emergency signal to control panel and call you for an immediate response.

6) Door/window sensor: these sensors are used to protect the opening of both doors and windows.

7) Indoor Siren: At 120db, this siren will not only alert neighbors of the intrusion, but scare away the burglar right out of your house! It is extremely loud and should help speed up the time

Q7. Would my wireless internet connection interfere with the wireless alarm?

Your wireless alarm will utilize a dedicated 433 MHz narrow band radio channel which is exclusive for the security industry and as such unlikely to receive interference from your wireless internet connection.

Q8.Can I add extra more sensors to my alarm package?

YES. Extra sensors can be added to your alarm package if required; at additional costs.

Q9. What happens if I am using the telephone and the alarm triggers?

If you are using the telephone when the alarm triggers, the system will automatically seize the line and override your usage to call pre-record number or transmit an urgent signal to the Customer Monitoring Centre. This feature ensures that the alarm is always set as a priority for emergency notification.

Q10.If the power goes off, will my alarm system still work?

Yes. In case of a power loss, the back-up battery will be activated to maintain your alarm protection for several hours. It is re-charged when the power returns.

Q11. Do pets affect the system and if so is a pet detector available?

Pets do affect the system unless the PIRs are masked or pet friendly. We recommend you use magnetic door contacts to protect the building in areas where animals may be moving.





Additional information

Brand Name


Smart home platform

Alexa, Tuya, Google Assistant





Kit Configuration

Door/Window Sensor



Video Interface




Alarm Type

SMS, Apps Control, The Alarm



Model Number


Password Keyboard


Arming Type

FR Remote-controller

Connection Type


Zone Number

100pcs wireless sensor



GSM band


WIFI Standard

2.4G (not support 5G)


WiFi + GSM

Back up battery

Backup li-lion battery

Wireless frequence


Touch keyboard

LCD display

manual book


language support

English, Russian, Spanish, German, Polish, France, Italian, Chinese


tuyasmart & smartlife

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WOFEA Wireless WIFI GSM Alarm System

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