• Store: ART4U

    Vintage ceramic knobs for cabinets and drawers

    Store: ART4U

    Vintage ceramic knobs for cabinets and drawers, they are classic and give a vintage mood to the room, each of them is made with love and respect for the decoration of the house

  • Store: Survival

    Personal camping purification water filter

    Store: Survival

    The miniswell L630 water filter straw is the smallest and lightest personal drinking water purification straw on the market for hiking, hunting, backpacking, travel, camping and emergency kits.

    The L630 will remove bacteria, viruses and cysts including giardia and cryptosporidium (perfect for international travel).

    The body of the miniswell L630 is made of lightweight aluminum, making it extremely lightweight

  • Store: Pet-House

    Pet Bed Soft Cushion L Shaped with Square Pillow

    Store: Pet-House

    The stylish modern L-shaped dog bed makes a statement in any room.

    The comfortable cushion is made of high density, high quality microfiber.

    This pet bed is extremely easy to clean.

  • Portable Waterproof and Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Stereo Sound 20W


    High quality wireless bluetooth speaker with clear sound fully waterproof. Connect with any bluetooth-enabled device, and make conference call hands-free.

    With graffiti modern design, and long battery life, up to 24-hour playtime, definetely you will love it!

  • Self-adhesive fluorescent warning tape 1,5cm * 1m 12MM 3M

    Self-adhesive fluorescent warning tape 1,5cm * 1m 12MM 3M. Fluorescent film made of high quality durable PVC material. Very strong adhesion, can be fixed firmly to the wall or floor. It can be used in the tent or at home for stairs as a non-slip or as a wall sticker.

  • BYINTEK P7 portable smart pocket projector Android wifi 1080P 4K.


    The smallest smart projector you have ever seen in soda size. Used for home theater, meeting, bedroom theater, outdoor camping (support DC5V vehiclepower supply).

      Advanced Android 8.1 operating system. Download application for online movies, games and music.

      Multi screen support, Mirroring Screen, Miracast (for Android OS device), Airplay (for iOS device). Max screen 150inch.

      Touch keypad and high quality speakers, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

      Support 14 languages.

  • BYINTEK K9 Mini 1280x720P Portable Video Beamer LED Projector 1080P 3D 4K Cinema (Multiple screen selection for Iphone)


    Enjoy movies and games with the BYINTEK K9 Mini 1280x720P portable video projector.

        The K9 HD interface supports up to 1080p and the multi-monitor interface can support up to 4K.

        Supports Miracast, Airplay, Multi screen, Mirror Screen, Wireless display forsmartphone / tablet.

        The native resolution is 1280 * 720, up to 180 inch screen.

        Accepts USB drive, hard drive.

    Basic version K9: Does not support wireless display.

    Multi-screen version K9: Wireless screen for smartphone / tablet

  • Store: Survival

    Led strip solar garden lights

    Store: Survival

    Led strip solar garden lights. These lights provide a convenient and cost-effective way to light garden at night without the need of AC electrical grids. Solar string lights are the perfect decoration for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, holidays, weddings, parties and other celebrations.

  • Laser hair removal


    Laser hair removal. An economical home solution for permanent and painless hair removal. Intense pulsed light uses warm, gentle light to interrupt the cycle of hair regrowth. Providing the gentle treatment painlessly and easily, without hurting the skin. Works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal.

  • Portable LED Rechargable Hanged in the Neck Light for Reading


    Are you really one of those people who when they start a good book they do not want to leave it until they finish it? Or do you like knitting and devote several hours of creative work? In addition, if you like construction and you are a person with detail, you will surely know that good lighting is always an integral part of all of the above.

    At “My fancy gift place”, as always, we searched and found the ultimate gadget that you will really love!

    Incredible, flexible, portable and rechargeable multi-purpose LED light that delivers clear lighting and focuses whenever you want. Sleek and light, with an ergonomic design, it rests easily on your neck, without using your hands, so that you can comfortably handle any work you do. Easily charges via USB port for continuous use, without the stress of running out of batteries!

    Ideal for reading, knitting, camping, on the plane, but also for professional work that requires good lighting when the existing one is not enough.

    A fantastic product that will definitely be your new best friend!


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