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How to place an order



How can I pay;

You can pay by credit, debit, prepaid card or with your Paypal account.

I can pay with Cash on delivery method?

MSOW is not a simple e-shop but a marketplace. In other words, it advertises selected products from strictly selected suppliers that you can buy from all over the world. There can be no cash on delivery in an international transaction.

How do I make sure I do not lose my money?

This is exactly our job at MSOW. Make sure you do not waste your money. We guarantee your absolute safety and satisfaction, since we mediate between you and the supplier.

Order Tracking



When will my order be shipped?

The processing time required by the supplier to send your order usually ranges from 1-5 working days. This does not mean that you will receive in 1-5 working days. Receipt time depends on several factors. If the seller is in your country, then you will pick up in 3-7 working days, if it is in a European Union country (Spain, Czech Republic, France etc) the average pick up is 5-25 working days, if it is in a third country (China, Singapore etc) the average receipt is 15 - 60 working days.

Which company will I pick up with?

There is no specific company in international transport. Each time our suppliers choose the appropriate shipping to handle each shipment correctly and safely.

How will I receive?

Our orders come registered and with a shipping number. The Shipping company will contact you for collection.

How much does the shipping cost?

Each supplier has set the shipping cost which you can see in your Cart or Checkout.

How will I be informed about my order?

Visit MSOW "Order Tracking". There you will follow the intructions.

Refunds - Exchanges


Refunds - Exchanges

Can I cancel an order?

Of course. Visit our Solution Center to proceed with cancellation. But beware ... You can not cancel your order once it has been shipped.

I want a refund

You can submit a request via Solution Center. To be approved, the terms and conditions you accepted when sending your order must be met.

The product I received is defective

Visit Solution Center and submit your issue.

The product I ordered is not what I received. What do I do?

Mistakes can be made. Visit Solution Center and submit your case.
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How to Place an Order


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Refunds - Exchanges


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